SYR Skincare - Designed for a man's Unique DNA. 

SYR instills confidence in men to be comfortable being well groomed and leading a healthy lifestyle.

SYR embraces a unique combination of health and skincare disciplines that inspire men to explore and improve their overall physical appearance and self-perception.



THINK: Clinically proven skin care precisely tailored to a man’s unique DNA.

WHAT IT IS: A debut men’s skin care regimen featuring proprietary Super Kinetin to reduce redness, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. From daily shaving to sweat-drenched workouts, a man’s skin endures a lot. But your face is the one you have for life and now it’s time to take care of it with the first ever skincare line created just for men’s unique DNA.

SYR® is the only medical-grade skin care line featuring all new Super Kinetin and designed just for men. For a decade, Kinetin has been the number one selling anti-aging ingredient on the market. Now, this coveted ingredient has been enhanced as Super Kinetin to be even more powerfully effective and optimized for a man’s unique complexion and lifestyle. Exclusive to SYR®, this clinically proven ingredient eliminates shaving irritation while calming inflammatory acne lesions, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

Clinical studies reveal that daily users saw healthier looking skin in just days, smoother skin after a few weeks, and experienced a 44.5% decrease in redness and a 21% decrease in visible acne over time.

Streamline your routine to just two efficacious products that address nearly all skincare issues—SYR® Super Kinetin Face Wash and SYR® Super Kinetin Krēm. Formulated to work in tandem for superior results, the Super Kinetin enriched formulas deliver comprehensive care from cleansing to moisturizing.